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  PRC-Saltillo Ambassadors

PRC-Saltillo is a leader in the world of AAC. In an effort to accurately display the power of these devices and language systems, we established the PRC-Saltillo Ambassador program. This program showcases individuals who are actively using a PRC-Saltillo system. The ambassadors highlighted here use a variety of communication devices, access their devices in a variety of ways, and are all unique and interesting people you’ll enjoy learning about. Select an Ambassador by clicking on their name; you will find a brief bio and, in some cases, video about that Ambassador’s personal story. Feel free to read and share these stories with friends and colleagues. You can leave a message for an ambassador after their story.

Interested in becoming a PRC-Saltillo Ambassador?

Start by filling out this form. Once submitted, check your email for an official application. Requirement: You must currently use a PRC or Saltillo device to communicate and/or interact with your environment.

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