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Welcome to Jane's Place! Full of passion, enthusiasm, and creativity, Jane Odom loved her role as developer and curator of the AAC Language Lab. She enjoyed making materials that were engaging and fun for those using AAC as well as easy for their families, educators, and therapists to use. Jane also encouraged others in their development of materials and often posted these on the AAC Language Lab.

To honor her memory, we have created Jane's Place. We invite you to share implementation materials that you have created to support individuals who use PRC-Saltillo language systems. You may have made resources for an activity or book that others would be thrilled to use. Perhaps you've created a game that teaches new vocabulary using a fun theme. Or you may come to Jane's Place looking for exciting new ideas to help you encourage language and communication growth for your AAC learner.

Jane loved connecting people with AAC resources. We know this project would make Jane smile and we look forward to seeing the fabulous ideas that are shared here.

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