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Frequently Asked Questions


How to Subscribe and Generate a Quote

  1. If you already have a PRC-Saltillo web account, log into that at If you DON’T have a PRC web account, use the same link and choose “Create Account” which will require a user name and password.
  2. When you are logged in, choose either “Purchase Subscriptions” or “Purchase Activation Codes.”
  3. Choose the item you would like to subscribe to and then click on “Continue.”
  4. Fill in the “Billing Address” details then select the “Checkout”.
  5. Enter your credit card details, or if you are paying with a PO, click "Pay with a check or PO" and give a facility name.
  6. Click "Purchase" to process your order
  7. You will then receive a confirmation email that incl.udes a description of the item ordered, cost and total. If you purchased activation codes, they will be included as well.
  8. Your order history can always be viewed in your dashboard under "Purchase History"
  9. When paying by check or purchase order there will be a $30.00 processing fee added to your subscription. Your order will not be activated until we receive payment.
  10. You may mail or fax your purchase order to 330-263-4829 or



Q: I have 5 students to support- do I need 5 accounts?

A: No. You can support numerous clients with one account. 


Q: I’m an SLP- can I share an account with my students’ teacher(s)?

A: No. One user name and password per person. Each teacher/therapist needs their own account.


Q: Can a district buy an account for all SLPs to share?

A: No. One user name and password per person. Each teacher/therapist needs their own account.


Q: What if I renew my subscription early- does my second subscription start now or at the end of my previous subscription?

A: Renewing your subscription early will add the additional subscription to the end of your current one. Example- if you have a subscription expiring Dec 31, 2019 and you re-subscribe Nov 1, 2019- your subscription would now expire on Dec 31, 2020.


Q: Do you have a free trial?

A: We do not offer free trials at this time. Materials are available on the Lab that are free so can be tried before a purchase is made. 


Q: If I purchase numerous accounts is there a discount?

A: We have lowered the price of a subscription to just $19.95 a year.


Q: What if I buy a subscription for a SLP and they leave the district- can we stop their subscription and switch it to the new SLP?

A: We cannot transfer accounts from one person to the next. The new SLP would have to start a whole new subscription.


Q: What if I have a subscription with a school email and I leave the district- do I lose my subscription? Can I change my email address?

A: You can change your email address within your account at any time.  This will carry over to your existing subscriptions to log in.  Subscriptions cannot be transferred to other existing PRC accounts with different emails


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