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Getting Started

The AAC Language lab is a comprehensive web resource designed to support language development and promote communication through Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).  Begin your journey by administering the new AAC Language Screener to determine your student’s starting point or just jump right in and start exploring. Lesson Plans are ordered by language stage and objective.  You will then be guided to continue if needed with more activities for a language objective or move ahead to the next objective if your student is ready.  Homework cards are also provided so families can support their students at home. 

How to Use the AAC Language Lab

  1.  While continuing to support clinical practice, the NEW AAC Language Lab provides tools that reach beyond clinical environments to support communication and language development at school, work, and home. SLPs and Educators now have access to a multitude of clinical and classroom lesson plans aligned to Common Core Standards. Mobile lesson plans focused on popular apps and more than seventy books are also available, adding to this
    rich library of tools
  2. A new Activities section gives you access to fun, engaging games and activities that can be modified for all levels of language learning. So, no matter if your student is just starting out, or well on their way to becoming a competent communicator, theses activities are easily adapted to meet their needs.  
  3. A “Let’s Talk AAC” blog features tips on implementation, AAC success stories, and real-life stories from AAC Communicators in Action. While some of the resources featured on the AAC Language Lab are free-of-charge, complete unlimited access to all content requires an annual subscription.
  4. Our ever expanding Resource section is a full collection of articles, activites and other materials.  They are organized so you can easily use the search feature to find exactly what you are looking for.  Many of the resources are free of charge, providing an opportunity to explore these great resoureces prior to subscribing.  

Core Word Starter Lesson Plans

The Core Word Starter Set is a group of lesson plans to help get you started with a beginning communicator.  Whether your student just got a device or even if they are doing a trial, these fun, engaging lessons will get them excited about communicating.  The  lessons are based on the PRC 20 Core Word Starter Set.  The vocabulary selected covers a variety of parts of speech in order to support production of phrases and simple sentences for students who are ready.  

Data Collection Sheets

Please keep in mind that this is a fluid plan. You will be monitoring your
student’s progress and modifying lesson plans in order to maintain your
student’s motivation and progress. 

kid driving toy car

Language Stages

The foundation of the AAC Language Lab is a compilation of information on
language development gathered from a vast number of resources. Language
is usually developed in a fairly predictable manner or stages.

The AAC Language Lab provides guidance for selecting language activities that are a good fit with your student or child’s current skills and encourages progression in language development. Choose your role and start learning about how children develop language.


AAC Classroom Language Screener

The Language Screener was developed to allow users to quickly assess their student's level of language.  It can also help determine when a student is ready to move forward to the next stage.  The report is compact and was created in simple, easy to interpret terms so that inter-rater reliability can be as high as possible.  Anecdoctal trials proved to be almost identical ratings for teachers, classroom assistants, therapists, and parents. 

The New Search Engine

The Language Lab now has new robust search engines to help you find what you need quickly and easily. You can search by Target Vocabulary, common concepts or do a site wide search to find what you need. Watch this short video to get you started on your search.  

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