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My name is Kristy Lipe and I am 28.   My story is I was born with CP due to the lack of oxygen at birth.   Thankfully, I think and understand everything like a typical 28 year old would!  I was raised like any kid was, being involved in the youth group, school stuff, and sports.  I’m a 3rd degree black belt and three time world champion in ATA.   I also danced on and off in between all of that!

 I graduated from Gateway Christian Homeschool in 2009.  I have an Associate’s Degree in Ministry & Leadership from Moody Bible Institute.   I was involved in the Leadership Program in the ATA along with being a Level 1 Instructor and a Level 1 Judge at competitions for the Special Abilities Division.   In middle school, I was awarded the Civil Rights Keeper of the Dream for always having courage.   I'm also very involved with the Runway of Dreams Foundation, where we make adaptable clothes for everybody with special needs!  Instead of buttons and zippers, they have super strong magnets and Velcro.   I mostly help with online surveys and other stuff with my talker, but, I actually went to Nashville in November to take part in a panel they were doing for a head hunter’s convention.   We have three brands that have teamed up with us so far, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, & Target kid clothes.  

I only tried two communication devices starting out, because that’s all they had in the 90s, I tried the DeltaTalker and the Dynavox but the DeltaTalker worked best which was the PRC device.   The PRC representative would come to the school or our home to try them out with me.  I’ve been demonstrating how to use a communication device since I was five, even when I didn’t realize it, during elementary school.   I got my first communication device because my parents fought the school system for it.   It took me a week or two to learn how to do basics on the DeltaTalker, then the whole school year after that to learn the language of the Unity system. I still love to demonstrate and teach people how awesome communication devices are!  I also love teaching people they can do anything as long as they believe in themselves! 

My other interests and activities are being involved with church, going to the theater, working out with weights, being involved in modeling and acting auditions, and hanging out with friends and family.  I love everything Disney, photography, and drawing. 

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