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  PRC-Saltillo Ambassador

Hi I’m Keslie Levad. I live in Colorado. I am 23 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy. I have an Accent 1400 from Prentke Romich Company.

I access my device by using two switches by my head and auditory prompts. I use the Unity language system. I am blind so, I have to have auditory prompts to tell me what picture I am on.

My device - I love it because it allows me to connect with the world. My hobbies include dancing, teaching others about my communication device, using my device to text with family and friends on my cell phone, and helping others with disabilities to communicate more.

I am verbal so I don’t need my talker to talk very much I just use it for my writing and things like that. I became a PRC ambassador because I wanted to help people learn about AAC.

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