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James Falahee

Picture for James Falahee
  PRC-Saltillo Ambassador

My name is James Falahee. I live in Ann Arbor where I attend Skyline High School as a sophomore.   I got my first communication device when I was in preschool, which was very helpful but had a limited vocabulary.  

My speech therapist saw that I needed a different method of communicating as I got older and had more complex things to say. She told my family about a communication device called an ECO.   It’s safe to say that changed my life forever. Within a year I was using Unity 144 Sequenced. I use a joystick as my main access method but also use some Eyegaze.  


I always push myself to get good grades which would be impossible without the use of my Accent. For example, I am currently taking a Spanish class and over the summer I uploaded a Spanish version of Unity, so I would be able to participate in class. I have even found ways to do advanced math on my communication device.

I love using my Accent to talk and text with friends.   I am a huge sports fan, I especially love the University of Michigan. Also, I greatly enjoy reading and listening to music. I use my Accent to do everything that I see my friends doing on their phones like texting, going on Instagram or playing fantasy sports. I couldn’t imagine my life without it 

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