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I am Lauren Herren. I am 29 years old and I have cerebral palsy. Before I had a device, I used communication notebooks. I have used a variety of devices including a Delta Talker, Pathfinder, Vanguard, and the Echo. I’ve also used the language system called “Minspeak.” Now I have a PRC Accent and I love that I’m able to access the internet more easily. I use head pointing to create my messages. I also love that I can make and customize my own pages. This is important to me because this allows me to have a conversation about the same thing with different people from one page. I work at Life Works which is a day program for adults with disabilities. My responsibilities include greeting and checking in clients, writing social stories, and making the classroom schedule. I go to a program at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas that is called Friendship Fields Academy. I can do homework with my Accent. I also used to teach Sunday School with my device. I am a twin. My twin and I tried out for a movie about twins who both were disabled, we were one of three sets of twins going to New York City, but it fell through.

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