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Choosing The Right AAC Device Is Important!

  Posted on Mar 24, 2021 - 2:09pm

By Brandon Williamson, PRC-Saltillo Blogger When I was younger, people did not understand me. I got my first AAC device at 5 years old.  This helped me finally communicate with other people.  When using AAC, choosing the right communication device is important.  My first device that I had was not a good fit...

    Communicators In Action   -    aac, communication, device, keyboard, message...

Spring Training

  Posted on Mar 23, 2021 - 1:16pm

By Kim Vuong, PRC-Saltillo Blogger One of the hard things about the pandemic is that it has disrupted many of the traditions that we’ve developed in our lives. We all have events that we look forward to going to each year, and return from with some happy memories that we can think back upon. For my boyfriend and me,...

    Communicators In Action   -    baseball, spring, spring training, travel, va...

Behavior And AAC

  Posted on Mar 15, 2021 - 11:40am

By Mike Hipple Stop me if you have read or heard this before from a co-worker or a family member: This child has too many challenging behaviors to use a communication device. They won’t understand the device at all. They will break it or kick it. End of discussion, right? Hell no! That student—or an a...

    Communicators In Action   -    aac, behaviors, IEP, school, time out, ASD, m...


  Posted on Mar 10, 2021 - 10:48am

By Indrani Solomon, PRC-Saltillo Blogger and Mom The United Nations honors March 21st every year (3/21) as World Down Syndrome Day. This year’s theme is CONNECT. We CONNECT so that we can: Share ideas, experiences and knowledge Empower each other to advocate for equal rights for people with Down Syndrome and Rea...

    Communicators In Action   -    united nations, down syndrome, aac, march 21,...

Alexa & Your AAC

  Posted on Mar 8, 2021 - 11:20am

By Carson Covey, PRC-Saltillo Blogger We all know that your AAC voice needs to talk with other technology pun intended. The Amazon’s Alexa made that goal happen years ago. Now you can bark out orders with your device. What I found that the Amazon devices are very picky about how you say her name. She will not listen ...

    Communicators In Action   -    aac, alexa, environmental controls, smart hom...

Ion Poore

  Posted on Mar 3, 2021 - 9:56am

By Hank Poore, PRC-Saltillo Blogger About a year ago I was in Atlanta at the Georgia half marathon with my mom. I met up with my long time friend Shanna, who has a facility dog for the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. I started playing with Derek ( her dog and yes , his name is Derek Shepherd), and I realized how much I would l...

    Communicators In Action   -    service dog, marathon, aac, application, atla...