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Stage Six
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Stage Six Plans
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This lesson will help a student learn the different types of grammatical categories.



Print out the Grammar Wheel. You can laminate it so it will last longer.

Poke a hole in the center of the wheel. Attach the spinner so it moves easily with a brad.

Talk about the different grammatical categories and how to find those words on the device. If the person is unsure about a category, give examples of how those words are used. Model and prompt where to find that category of words on their device.

Have the person spin the spinner and use their device to name a word in that category.

Noun Category Smart Charts




When reading a story with the person, point out different words in the story and see if they can find another word in that category. For example, if you show them a preposition, ask them to find a preposition on their device. Read the sentence again with the word they found and see if it makes sense. 


computer cables

Have the person spin the Unity Grammar Spinner. Have them write a sentence using their device with a word from the category that they got. You can use a Bluetooth adaptor or a USB cable to connect the device to a computer. Have the person write all their sentences on the computer.

If you are using WordPower (Saltillo or TouchChat), save the person’s writing using Stories and Scripts within the vocabulary.  Learn more about this feature here



Play the game again, but this time have the person use their device to say an entire sentence with a word from the category that they selected.

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Common Core Standards
Below are references to the Common Core Standards organized by grade level and associated with the goals and objectives of this lesson plan. When considering which standards to target in your lessons with students, begin by looking at the standards at your student’s grade level. You may need to refer to that same standard at a lower grade level to adapt your lesson to best meet the needs of your student.