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If I Teach My Dog 8 Words

Stage One
Use Single Words

Stage One Plans
Use Single Words
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Learn the most important words to use for directing and requesting during favorite activities.

 If I Teach My Dog Flipbook


dice with words

Demonstrate pre-teaching skills by emphasizing the target works during routines throughout the day prior to introducing the lesson.

Model and prompt the vocabulary words on the device. Encourage the student to use those words throughout the day.

Write the target vocabulary on plastic cups (Solo) with a permanent marker. Write one word per cup. Be sure the cups are upside-down. When the person correctly uses one of the target words with their device, stack up a cup. When all the cups are stacked, allow the person to throw a small ball or object to knock the cups down. You can play this game over and over with a variety of words.

Print out and construct the Core Word Cube that is included with this lesson. Have the student roll the cube and find the word that is face up on their device. Practice finding the words and encourage the student to say the words throughout the day during daily activities. You can begin to do this by identifying two activities in your classroom’s daily schedule that happen consistently and identify the core vocabulary that can be used at that time. Be sure to communicate with your related service providers (therapists) and other classroom staff what they can do to reinforce the words you are working on. This will provide generalization immediately for your student.



book page with words

Read the book “If I Teach My Dog 8 Words” with the person. The first time, model the target vocabulary for the person on their device. The second time, as you read, have them try to find as many of the target words as they can when the words appear in the story.

Write the target vocabulary words on tongue depressors. Have the person choose a word and read the word with them. Then, have them find the word on their device.



usb cable

Connect the device to a computer with a USB cable or Bluetooth module. Let the person practice writing their target words into a word document.

If you are using WordPower (Saltillo or TouchChat), save the person’s writing using Stories and Scripts within the vocabulary.  Learn more about this feature here. 

Use the writing template with your student.  You can use computer emulation or simply transcribe the words into the template.  Have the student look at the picure and find a word on their device to tell what the dog is doing.  You can have them use the Target Vocabulary from this lesson to help them learn.  If they are unsure, model words and ask them to try again.  




Fill a colander with some pieces of yellow yarn (spaghetti) and paper meatballs with the target vocabulary printed on each one. Have the person choose a meatball and find the word on their device. If they are able, (you can help if needed) have them use the "spaghetti" to form the letters to spell the word. If the person is physically unable to manipulate the yarn, you can use the spell page on their device.

Print out the "Roll an Alien" game. Print out the aliens. Cut the alien with the words apart so you can attach each part to the blank alien. Have the person use the core word cube to roll to get a target vocabulary word. They can then find the word on their device and match it to the corresponding body part. They can attach that part to their alien. Continue playing until they have all their alien parts.


 Homework Card

Can-Do Cards are fun, motivational activities the entire family can do to help your child improve their communication skills. Most activities will fit nicely into your daily family routines.

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Common Core Standards
Below are references to the Common Core Standards organized by grade level and associated with the goals and objectives of this lesson plan. When considering which standards to target in your lessons with students, begin by looking at the standards at your student’s grade level. You may need to refer to that same standard at a lower grade level to adapt your lesson to best meet the needs of your student.