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The "Write" to Talk!

Posted Feb 18, 2015 - 10:47am

By Timmy Klatt and Jane Odom, M.Ed

Did you know that students who write become better readers? Students learn to write when given daily opportunities to see others write. Students must have frequent opportunities to write without standards to make progress in the process of composition.

Tim and his Grandpa

I was sent writing samples from Timmy. The sentences were incomplete. There were grammatical errors. BUT, his message in each writing sample was as clear as can be.

This young man has many a story to tell. Just because he uses an augmentative communication device and can’t hold a regular pencil did not stop him from telling his stories. Below are a few of his stories. Many thanks to his family for allowing us to share these with you. I also want to encourage you to allow students who use AAC to express themselves through writing. Next week’s blog will focus on tips to help your student become a better writer so be sure to check back! For now, please enjoy reading Timmy’s wonderful stories.


Happy Birthday

7 3

you library books

go grocery store

Paw Patrol

tired go sleep

ice cream

love you

birthday card

Grocery Story

Russell story

Thank you Timmy for sharing your stories! Check back next week for tips to get your students writing!

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