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The Renaissance Man

Posted Jan 3, 2018 - 3:20pm

By Darryl “Kippy” Porter, Language Lab Blogger

Some people could call me a Renaissance man. I have numerous passionate interests.

I’m Chicago born-and-bred. I have two brothers, although my father, mother and eldest brother are deceased. I like people to have a fair chance, especially disabled people. I graduated from High School and City College. I studied IT. I have an A.A.S. degree. For nine years, I worked for an agency that did social work. Also, I worked for a bakery. I’m involved with music at my church, and the church’s projects. I was a semi-professional runner who has run in countless 5k races, one Chicago marathons, and a few half marathons. I had to retire from them because I had back surgeries.

I became an author; I have written two regular books and four e-books, all containing poetry. My first book is called Kippy’s Poetry, Thoughts Proses. I have been in many Chicago disability pride parades. I’m interested in creating a foundation to give communication devices to school children who can’t afford a communication device. The foundation could get them a communication device with insurance Especially if a device was stolen or broken, like in the hurricane in Houston.

I recently became an ambassador for the Saltillo Corporation. I write blogs and plan to attend conventions to represent their company.

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