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Super Hero

Posted Mar 9, 2016 - 12:55pm

By Kyle Dinwiddie


This is Kyle. I forgot to tell my age. God has blessed me with sixteen almost seventeen wonderful years, and I thank Him.

What an amazing honor it is for me to share my adventures with you. From now on, I will be giving my blogs titles.

Today, I am going to tell an adventure about my dad. I love my dad. He is an X-ray Tech, which I think is pretty cool. He takes pictures of people’s insides that help doctors to know what is wrong with them. I only see tiny, black and grey spots, but my dad can see problems. He has X-ray eyes!
Every night, he dresses in dark grey scrubs and dashes out into the darkness.

Like most super hero he does have a weakness. SNAKES! Yes, snakes. He hates snakes. Personally, I don’t have a problem with them. I figure that God made them like any other animal, but my dad disagree. And so my story begins!


One evening, I heard an awful sound coming from our momma duck. She had been sitting on a clutch of eggs just outside of our kitchen window. She had made her nest in my mom’s flower bed. My mom was not happy about the new addition, but I liked it. I couldn’t want for them to hatch.

My mom was doing dishes when we all heard the sound. She went out the kitchen door.

“There is a black snake in the duck’s nest,” my mother reported to my dad. My dad’s face went pale. She grabbed her mop and told my dad to get a pillow case. Outside they both went.

There was a huge black snake with its mouth wrapped around one of the eggs. My mom held the pillow case open while my dad’s job was to lift up the snake with mop handle. My dad was sick with fear. He held the mop by its furthest point, and was ready to drop the mop and run if the snake would make any sudden moves.

Once the snake was in the pillow case, they decided to drive across the road to give the snake a new home. So, they both got into the van. My dad was driving while my mom held the pillow case closed. She could feel the snake nosing around. She tightened her drip. But before she knew it, SURPRISE….the snake had popped its head right out of the top of the pillow case. When my dad saw the snake’s head, he panicked. All he could think about was getting away from the snake. He could care less about the moving van or that mom would be in the moving van, he just wanted to run. But with all of his bravery, my dad stopped the van went over to my mom’s side and opened the door. My mom then walked across the road and set the snake free.

When they came back to the house, my dad was pale and still shaking. He just kept repeated the adventure over and over again. He was amazed that he in spite of his great fear, he did not run, and crashed the van, but instead he did stop the van and opened mom’s door. My dad was brave even when he was scared. I am happy that God has blessed me with an incredible dad who in my eyes is A SUPER HERO!

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