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Red Tape

Posted Feb 28, 2018 - 12:39pm

By Darryl Porter, Saltillo Blogger

The system needs to change. The system is not perfect or even ok for a disabled person. The system should be for disabled people and their families who require some help and equipment to live their lives in their way. The state requires the disabled population to get certification and recertification for their help. Some states have some bad rules, guidelines, requirements, stipulations and laws. They created a lot of red tape for disabled people and their families.

The guidelines and stipulations force disabled people and their families to bend and don’t follow them to their advantage to living. The disabled people feel more disenfranchised; they have to feel disenfranchised already. It’s as though they don’t give a voice to their thoughts.

In one case a disabled person had to wait for five years to get new equipment, their equipment was stolen; also it’s not her/his fault. The state could suggest to a disabled person that they could buy insurance for equipment. If they can’t afford it, she/he doesn’t realize what they need to do. However a disabled person’s family and friends set up GoFundMe account for her/him. Sometimes a person have to wait until their funds are raising, which takes longer or the funds don’t make it.

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