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My New IPad Pro

Posted Feb 12, 2020 - 9:01am

By Daniel Pop, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

I have been using iPads for a few years now, for fun, playing word puzzle games, texting and Facebook, reading books, also I’m using it for my communication with the TouchChatHD app.

For my 20th birthday, I got the latest iPad Pro version with face recognition.  Because I don’t have to put the password every time I open the iPad , it’s very very fun and easy to use face recognition !

Sadly, last year, on my spring break to Florida , I dropped the iPad and the screen got broken with one big crack from one side to the other side ! Everything worked very nice except the face recognition! I just used it for 3 months!!!

We had to go to Apple Store to see what can be done, but I came back from the store  very very sad ,because the screen replacement was 700$, half of what my parents paid for!!!  We tried another one, different Apple Store, same answer!  I was disappointed, I was not happy with them!

My mom decision was not to fix the issue with the cracked screen, because it was not   the best way to handle it. She said that’ll be best for me to wait for 6 months and learn and be prepared to grow in patience and obedience.   Mom also said that God blesses us when we obey Him, and hopefully in 6 months we’ll have the money for the repair of the iPad.

Shortly after that, an opportunity for me to earn money came, editing profile iMovies for AAC Language Lab and also I became an ambassador for the same company!

During the summer months the head pointing feature for TouchChatHD came out! I loved it, it was so fun and it had allowed me to give me a break from my head pointer, but because of cracked screen, it was glitchy !

 I had to wait two more months to see the new iPad fixed. By the time 6 months passed,I earned half of the money for the replacement and mom agreed to go to the Apple Store .

As soon as we got there, somebody came to help us, we told him about the cracked screen and that we need replacement, then he said “ let’s see what we can do for you “!  He came back in a few minutes and said “I got it covered for you, Apple will give you a brand new one under one crack warranty “!!!!!! I could not believe my ears! That’s a miracle!

Yes, God blesses those who wait on Him !

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