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Ms Oatts

Posted Jul 29, 2020 - 3:17pm

By Hank Poore, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

I’ve had a lot of teachers that I’ve loved but nobody is like Ms. Oatts . She was my Home Ec teacher this year and she’s the most hilarious, laidback, disorganized person which is my favorite kind of person because I’m all 3 of those things. We had to cook in her class so the first day we cooked she came up to me and asked “ hey can you cut up something?” I replied, “I mean, I could but crap will be everywhere and I might cut my fingers off,” and she laughed and said ok then.

She was my favorite person and teacher because she knew I was smart and I could do anything (except cooking.) and she knew I could do stuff that I didn’t know I could do. She motivated me and she taught me how to be a baller like her. She also loved to make me read books (which I hated).

One day I was in class and I was trying to do something on my iPad but it would not work so I got rough with my iPad and then she said “ Hey are you ok Hank” then I said yeah I guess this iPad sucks and she probably thought that I was insane after that.

All of that being said , she was the BEST teacher I’ve ever had at Northridge and I’ll miss annoying her in person everyday but I’ll text her and annoy her that way instead.

Communicators In Action  -    teacher, IEP, school, home economics, AAC, cooking