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Finding Your Dream Job

Posted Oct 15, 2014 - 9:21am

By Keslie Spider, PRC Ambassador

Hello my name is Keslie. I have Prc’s Eco2. Imagine finding your dream job. Although being a PRC ambassador was not always what I had in mind plans change.

I wanted to be a chef but then I realized nobody in their right mind would give me a knife. So I thought what am I great at? Teaching people about my communication device!

As a PRC ambassador I help my rep Renee with different events that she goes to. I will go along to show people the communication device being used. I will also write blogs like this one to help you learn about PRC.

I love being a PRC ambassador because I see that the people that I help really get something out of seeing me use my communication device. It feels fantastic to know that by being a ambassador I’m helping people that I don’t know.

You can e-mail me at kesliespider@aol.com with questions you might have.

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