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Favorite Memories Of High School

Posted Jun 10, 2020 - 11:58am

By Hank Poore, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

I had some great high school experiences and wanted to share some memories with y’all.

My freshman year, we had the first fire drill of the year and I was upstairs , I didn’t know what I was supposed to do so me and a teacher decided to get on the elevator to go downstairs to get out. When we got outside I got a text from my IEP teacher that said “where the crap are you hank” – I replied “outside duh”. When we got back in the same IEP teacher name Jamie said Hank you weren’t supposed to use the elevator in a fire drill and I said, welp, maybe you should tell me this crap and I just did “( btw she’s a family friend so we talk to each other like brats) .

My other favorite memory is when I had a class on the science hall and we had a sub all year and I got teachers to say that they “ needed my help with something “ and I just hung out with them in their room .

Another favorite memory is when Carnley fed me and watching him struggle so much ( he actually fed the floor and not me).

Another time is when I went upstairs to Morgan’s classroom and her being like “ ugh your face is back’ and me saying “ yes I’m here to annoy you.

My other favorite memory is when Jordan Culiver thought it would be funny to get my phone and hack my Snapchat and he videoed me chasing him to get my phone. One time I made the mistake Of going on a felid trip with a teacher to Birmingham and I forgot to tell Jamie about it. She was not happy! These are some of my favorites memories of high school.

Overall I had some of the best teachers and friends I could have asked for. I’m not going to miss school but I’ll miss the people but I’m looking forward to working at my foundation.

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