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Faith and Forgiveness

Posted Jul 22, 2020 - 12:20pm

By Ayleen Armendariz, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

I used to live in Mexico with my mother. I have complex needs due to my cerebral palsy that require attention, and so I was always with her. When I was ten, my mom brought me to stay with my older sister Rocio in Phoenix so I could go to an orthopedist.  She returned to Mexico and was clearing our old house after separating from my father. My dad stopped by the house while she was there, and they began fighting. My dad stabbed my mom 33 times. My cousin got a call that my mom was dead. My cousin then called my sister, Raquel while she was at work. Raquel drove to my older sister’s house to get me.

Raquel began to fight for me to stay in her home in Phoenix with my aunt and uncle. The state was also fighting to remove me from their home, because my sister did not have legal citizenship in the states. My sister convinced my aunt and uncle to sign the legal paperwork necessary to keep me in their home. She has taken care of me since.

Raquel began taking me to church when I was 18 years old. At that time, I was so mad and sad but I didn’t show it to people. I wanted people to see me happy so they thought everything was ok. I learned that I could talk to God easily using just my mind, without the burden of using my device. Through prayer I found a real fatherly love. The first thing God told me was “You have to forgive your dad.” So I did. Then my life started to change for good. I thought “I can’t do it anymore,” but God told me “Yes, you can do it. I am right by your side.” He gave me warm hugs. I started listening to different music and gave up listening to popular music.

My family started to see a change in me and my sister Raquel. So they asked my sister to pray for them. God was pulling my family bit by bit toward him. God is working through my sister and I to find out who is real God.

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