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Creating Custom Conversation Pages

Posted Jan 3, 2022 - 10:53am

By Brandon Williamson, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

It's a great thing to talk to others. When I have long stories or messages that I want to tell to other people, I program a custom icon under a page set called “my pages.” I use an Accent 1000 with Unity 84 Sequenced, so I keep the personalized “my pages” icon located in activity row at the top of my home page for fast and easy access. By programming custom icons, I can quickly share longer messages or stories in just 2-hits from my “my pages” page. This is a lot easier than using my vocabulary set and typing out an entire story every time I want to share it.

Some items that I program in my “my pages” folder are: frequently asked questions, stories about things that I’ve done, phrases that I use often, getting to know you questions, and information about myself and my family. I also have another custom icon in activity row that is specifically for my day program, All R Friends. I labeled this button “Grove City” because my day program is located in Grove City, Ohio. In that page set I have buttons for conversations with specific people and phrases that I use for different jobs.

On an Accent with NuVoice, creating a custom page is easy. I pasted the programming instructions below. 


  1. Be looking at the key that will link to the new page. Select Tools (icon in the top right corner), then Setup Key.
  2. Select the key that will link to the new page. (For me it was a key in activity row on the homepage)
  3. Select Change Icon to search for an icon.
  4. Select Spell Message or Define Key Function.
  5. Select Clear Display. Select Page Link.
  6. Decide if you want your page to automatically close after a key is selected (“close”) or remain open (“open”).
    1. Find and select the page you want to link if it is already created.
    2. If the page is not already created, select Create New Page, type the name of the page, and select OK. Choose a keyboard size (to format a new page like an already existing page, select Create Page from Template). Select OK.
  7. Select Change Label to change the label. Labels for page links are typically in all CAPS in Unity.
  8. Select OK.

Here is a link with programming instructions from the PRC website for an Accent with NuVoice.

Here is a link with programming instructions from the PRC website for an Accent with Empower.

Since it’s the holiday season, I recently programmed icons to have a great talking conversation with family by asking new questions and also programmed icons with jokes to get the family laughing. I am going to encourage you to try doing the same thing. Happy Holidays. 

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