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Back to Life

Posted May 15, 2020 - 10:21am

By Kyle Dinwiddie, PRC-Saltillo Blogger & college student

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, and I’m feeling good’’ -Nina Simone.  This describes my feelings as the state of Missouri begins to reopen.   I long for my original life.

Each year is like the start of a beautiful flower.  Kind of like my family’s peony bush.  Every year we watch as the sprouts begin to poke out of the ground.  Soon the sprouts form a bush.  Then the bush forms large round buds.  And finally, we are blessed with huge, fragrant blooms.  But if there is a frost that happens during this process, our plant may never bloom.

2019 felt like my peony was cut down prematurely.  While I was able to see the blooms, they didn’t last as long as usual.  And I longed for 2020 to bring a new beginning.  

It caught my mom off guard when one day I told her that I wanted to go back to school.  After reapplying to Columbia College and being accepted, I am glad to report that I'm a college man again.  I am part-time for the summer, but I will be full-time in the fall.

Just as everything else in our world has been affected by COVID 19, Columbia College is no exception.  All of their in-seat classes are now on Zoom.  This means that I can stay at home in front of my computer to take classes.  I like that.  In fact, I am thinking about giving online classes a try.

I am taking Intro to Computers.  Even though it is a lot of work, I am doing very well.  Right now, most of my assignments have been on Microsoft Word.   I am trying my best to remember the locations of all of the different functions there are in Microsoft Word.  I have to use the hunt and peck method, but I love typing on a computer keyboard.  It has given me a sense of accomplishment to be able to type on a regular keyboard and use a trackball mouse to complete my assignments.

This past Monday was my third Zoom session with my instructor.  It's not the same as being in the classroom, but it's not bad.  I can talk to the teacher and ask questions using my Accent 1000.  It turns out that my college professor is the husband of my third-grade teacher.  It is a small world, isn't it? 

It feels awesome to be doing something again.  Now, hopefully, the Mexican restaurants will open back up by August so I can celebrate my 21st birthday.  Step by baby step, things seem to be getting better.  I hope that things in your area are looking better as well.  I am ready for 2020 to blossom into a beautiful flower.

This is life with Kyle and I’ll talk to you next week.

Life with Kyle  -    coronavirus, covid19, garden, flowers, peony, college, student