Tony Sonnier

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  PRC-Saltillo Ambassador

Age 66

Retired Financial Advisor:  Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney 

Married 46 years to Charlene 

12 Grandchildren 

Holds a Masters Degree in Theology 

Was an avid Tennis Player

Was diagnosed with ALS/PLS on 2/15/2015

I am feeling fine and I’m not in any pain. I do experience muscle spasms and cramps especially in the morning and late evening. The most notable change over the last year is the slowing of my speech. My general progression continues to be slow, for which I am very grateful.

For the most part, I use my power chair to get around. However, I can use my walker at home. My voice is not understandable, so I am starting to use speaking devices. My arms and hands are showing some weakness, but I am able to eat, shower, write, shave, and other basic things. My breathing is still normal and my reasoning and thinking are also normal.

I need help dressing, showering, cutting my food, getting in and out of bed, and turning in bed. The biggest issue for ALS/PLS patients is staying mentally healthy, as depression can set in quickly. I do my very best to keep my mind busy. God is Good.

 I am thankful for all I can do and consider myself blessed.

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