Language Stage 6

The person at Stage 6 uses all parts of speech, and has correct word order in sentences. He or she learns to use complex sentences with the words if, because, and then as conjunctions. The use of reflexive pronouns (myself) emerges, as well as indefinite pronouns (anybody, everything), and the meaning of contractions. He or she can ask negative questions with pronoun-verb phrases. Language continues to grow by expanding vocabulary.

Approx. Vocab. Size Utterance Length in Morphemes* Examples
3,000 + words Mean: 4.5+ That’s the box they put it in., Where’s a pencil I can use?, I wanted you to turn it., He’s mad because I won.

*a morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning in a language

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Language Objectives

  • Continue to speak in simple complete sentences
  • Increase the number of words he or she uses meaningfully
  • Continue to use simple complete sentences to express requests
  • Use subordinating conjunctions to speak or write complex sentences
  • Use reflexive pronouns correctly
  • Use indefinite pronouns correctly
  • Ask negative questions using pronoun-verb phrases
  • Use contractions such as isn’t and wasn’t correctly

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