Language Stage 1

This person is an emergent communicator. The use of symbolic language for communication is just beginning. Most utterances consist of one word. An utterance may be a one-word comment, or the single word may represent an entire sentence. For example, the one-word utterance, “More,” may represent “I want more now!”

Not all individuals are ready to use single words, but activities that establish cause and effect, and learning to label can be useful activities. Learn more about using labeling and cause and effect.

Approx. Vocab. Size Utterance Length in Morphemes* Examples
up to 85 words single words go, that, help, more, stop

*a morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning in a language

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Language Objectives

  • Speak using single words
  • Increase the number of words he or she uses meaningfully
  • Speak single words to direct another person’s actions
  • Speak single words to express negatives
  • Speak single words to express requests

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