Teaching Resources in the Device

Vocabulary Builder™

Vocabulary Builder™ is a powerful tool that allows you to teach a small set of vocabulary within the context of a robust Unity vocabulary system, making teaching and learning sequenced Unity® more manageable. It is available in Accent™ 1200, Accent™ 1000, Accent™ 800, Accent™ 800-D, Accent™ 700, and Eco™2 (software version 2.07 and higher), Vantage™ Lite , Vantage™ Plus and Vanguard™ Plus (software version 5.06 and higher).

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AAC Language Lab Resources

Several teaching resources are built into the Accent 1200 and Vantage Lite (software version 5.10 and higher) including: access to Lesson Plans for Language Stages 1-6, target vocabulary word lists and language stage descriptions.

Accent 1200, Accent 1000, Accent 800, Accent 800-D

Find tools to assist with learning and practicing the vocabulary in the device, including books for practicing and using core words and visual scenes for teaching icon associations. There are also pages for teaching parts of speech and the Icon Tutor to help locate sequences for vocabulary words.

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