Unique Learning System

Supports for Unity and Words for Life


Unique Learning System is a complete standards-based curriculum program designed specifically for students with special needs.

The AAC Language Lab has created supports for Unity 60 Sequenced, Unity 84 Sequenced and Words for Life 84 Sequenced for the Elementary, Intermediate and Middle Strands.

Program Options

Focus Core Vocabulary

Smart Charts are provided for icon sequences needed for each unit. High frequency core vocabulary will be highlighted each month that will help the student communicate during the activities and learn words that can be utilized for other activities and basic communication throughout the day.

Noun Categories

On the smart charts noun categories will be given instead of sequences for each and every noun. If you see a word that only has one icon and is a noun, that initial icon will lead to all the vocabulary in that category. For example, the ‘MORE’ icon will show all words associated with the music category. If the icon is ‘RAINBOW’, this is the first icon needed to find all the colors.

Elementary Band - February 2018

Focus Core Words do go sing feel see learn watch

Intermediate Band - February 2018

Focus Core Words - dance live listen play wear eat same different make

Middle School Band - February 2018

Focus Core Words live make tell help

High School Band - February 2018

Focus Core Words have want make doesn’t work come

Transition Band - February 2018

Focus Core Words like don’t like talk good drink friend no bad