News-2-You Files

Step Two - Download Zipped Files - be sure to unzip the folder before trying to load onto your device.

Version 2.0 Software is now available for the Accent. Please update your device before using these files.

When loading a N2Y file into an Accent device, please disregard the caution box that appears. This warning does not apply to loading the N2Y content.

How to Train Your Dragon - February 18th

Activity Row and Smart Charts
Smart Charts and Manual Board
MTI for page upload

esports - February 4th

Activity Row and Smart Charts
Smart Charts and Manual Board
CoreScanner and Unity One Hit

Step Three - Loading files onto the device

If using the News-2-You Activity Row for use with Unity sequenced, you might find it useful to watch the video tutorial on how to import this row onto your device.

If using Vocabulary Builder, a video is provided to help you set this up on your student’s device.

If using the News-2-You Page for use with Unity one hit for the first time, you will need to create a page link and turn on icon tutor on the fly.

Video Tutorials

  1. Importing the News-2-You Activity Row
  2. Importing the News-2-You Page
  3. Using Vocabulary Builder
  4. Creating a Page Link
  5. Turn on Icon Tutor on the Fly

Step Four - Implementation Ideas -

Use these ideas to help enrich your student’s experience for language development using the News-2-You curriculum.

  1. Cookiing with Core Lesson Plan
  2. Using Common Core Phrases with News-2-You
  3. Assessing Comprehension with Core
  4. Initiating Communication