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Camp 2020 Week Three - Sensory

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Week 3 of AAC Camp 2020 activities

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Reading - Read "One Light, One Sun" by Raffi.  You can also listen to the song on YouTube. If reading the story, talk about things how the song/story makes them feel.  Go outside and sit in the sun.  Ask the student to talk about things they see, smell, feel and hear.  Use the core vocabulary top 30 word list Smart Charts to model a variety of words for you student.  Examples include: "like", "don't like", "see", "look", "do you like", "what do you see?"  

Game - The LIght Shine game is a fun way to practice using the target vocabulary in a variety of ways depending on the level of your student.  Print out the Light the Word cards.  Tape them to the wall.  Be sure the room isn't too brightly lit.  If the student has the motor control, ask them to shine a flashlight or laser pointer on a word and then use the word in a phrase or sentence.  If they are unable, you can either do it for them or ask them using partner assisted scanning, which row and card they want lit up.  This game can be modified and played over and over with different learning objectives.  

STEM - This simple experiment demonstrates the sun's heat as well as the different between sun and shade.  It illustrates that the sun radiates heat and can make things hot.  Use the included Experiment card to set up the objects in both the sun and shade.  Leave the trays outside for an hour or two depending on your temperature.  You want objects warm to the touch and not scalding hot.  Allow your student to touch the objects and use their device to talk about what happened and why.  They can then use the included writing template to show what they have learned.  If the device has computer emulation capabilities, you can use a USB cable or blue tooth adaptor and have them write directly in the template.  If not, just transpose what they say and write it in for them.  

Writing - Use the included Popcorn sensory poem to write about making popcorn.  Make some popcorn with the student.  They can then talk about what they see, hear, smell, feel and taste.  This is also an template that will support computer emulation.  

Activity - Wash the Word is a fun way to practice using core vocabulary.  Use sidewalk chalk and write target vocabulary words on your sidewalk, porch or driveway.  The student can choose a word and either find it on their talker, use it in a phrase or use it in a sentence depending on their language level.  If they are correct, use wet sponges or papertowels to throw on  the word to wash it away.  This is a fun way to practice language while staying cool!  

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