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Camp 2020 - Week 2 - Red, White & Boom

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Week 2 of AAC Camp 2020 activities

Red, White and Boom cover


Reading - Read "Red, White & Boom" by Huy Voun Lee.  You can also watch it being read on You Tube.  Use the core vocabulary top 30 word list Smart Charts to model a variety of words for you student.  When reading the story, stop often and ask open ended questions encouraging the use of the target vocabulary.  

Game - 4th of July Game.  Print out the gameboard and cards.  Each player rolls a dice and picks a card.  If they can use their device to answer the question, they can move their marker.  If the student gets stuck, model an answer for them and ask them to try again. 

STEM - Fireworks in a Jar.  Follow the recipe, be sure to incorporate a variety of opportunities for you student to use the target vocabulary words.  Once you create the fireworks, be sure to ask the student to comment on what they see.  

Writing - Use the included template to write a poem about a favorite hero.  Follow the directions to create a cinquain poem.  Be sure the student uses their device to read their poem out loud after they complete it.  

Activity - Core Word Pinwheels  Print out the pinwheels.  Cut them apart and fold them into a pinwheel.  You can use a pencil, dowel, or straw and a pin to attach the pinwheel.  Spin the wheel.  Have the student use the word at the top in a phrase, sentence, or just fine the word.  

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