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Camp 2020 - Week 1 - What's Bugging You

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Week 1 of AAC Camp 2020 activities

bug dance book cover


Reading - Read "Bug Dance" by Stuart Murphy with your student.  Use the core vocabulary top 30 word list Smart Charts to model a variety of words for you student.  When reading the story, stop often and ask open ended questions encouraging the use of the target vocabulary.  

Game - Swat the Word - Print out the Bug Cards.  Laminate each card and attach a piece of velcro to each card.  Attach the other side of the velcro to a fly swatter.  Have the student swat a word and then find it on their device.  For students who are more advanced, you can alter the expected outcome by asking for the word to be used in a phrase or sentence.  

STEM - Floating Bug Experiment.  While following the recipe, be sure to incorporate a variety of opportunities for your student to use target vocabulary words.  Simply draw some fun bugs on a clear plate with a dry erase marker, pour on water, and watch the bugs float!  Be sure your student comments! 

Writing - Where's the Bug is a fun writing template for your student to practice using prepositions.  Simply read each page with your student and ask them to fill in the blank with a preposition.  If your student uses a device that supports computer emulation, the student can use their device as an alternative keyboard and use icon sequences to fill in each page.  

Activity - Build a Bug is a fun activity where your student can make a variety of different bugs.  Simply use the cards to determine what will get put on each bug.  Be sure to have the student use the target core vocabulary during the activity to talk about what they are doing during the activity.  

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