Lesson Plans

Language Stages

Materials for Language Stage Intermediate

Use simple sentences

Speak in simple complete sentences

  • Akinator

    Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is.

  • Toca's Kitchen

    Use simple sentences and phrases to make requests in Toca’s Kitchen

  • Pogg 3

    Learn to use simple sentences

Add more words

Increase the number of words used meaningfully

  • Sparkefish Stories

    Learn to create a story using words from different grammatical categories

Sentences to direct actions

Use a simple compete sentence to direct another person’s actions.

  • Toca Town

    Toca Town is another wonderful toy app from Toca Boca! In this app you explore a small town including a grocery store, apartment, house, police station, restaurant and café. The inhabitants of this town are familiar Toca Boca characters from their collection of apps. It’s up to decide what the inhabitants of Toca Town will do today- Is it someone’s birthday? Do you need to go grocery shopping? Should you have a picnic at the park?

Pronoun + verb

Use simple pronoun + verb phrases

Simple sentences

Continue to speak in simple complete sentences

  • Elf Yourself

    This is app (available on the App Store for free) is fun way to teach actions and describing with correct word order.

Add more words

Increase the number of words used meaningfully

  • Caveman Time Machine

    Kenny the Caveman visits three different time periods (Ancient Egypt, The Old West and the Future). In each time zone, there are different interactive scenes where the people or objects can be moved to demonstrate basic concepts.

Questions: wh words

Continue to use negatives in simple sentences

  • Bag Game

    This is a fun twist on the game of 20 questions. The premise of the game is simple, you must figure out what is in the bag. What’s in the brown paper bag you ask? Well it’s up to the game players to find out! It’s either clipart provided by the game or a picture from your photo library. Lots of great opportunities to target question formulation from Is it___? to what? where? when?

  • Asking WH Questions at School

    Learn to create opportunities for speaking “wh” questions


Use adjectives in simple sentences to describe things

  • Describe with Art

    This is app (available on the App Store for $9.99) is fun way to teach describing with correct word order! The following categories and subcategories are available: People, Animals, Objects, Places, Food, Clothes and Transportation. You can choose one or all of the categories. There are also a variety of question sets to choose from.

  • Go Away Big Green Monster

    Based on the classic “Go Away, Big Green Monster!” by Ed Emberly this interactive book app offers a Read Along, Sing Along, Read Myself, and Read Along with Ed Emberly, and Read Along with a friend options. If you’re not familiar with this book it’s about telling a “scary” looking monster to “Go Away” and along the way you describe the different parts of the monsters face using colors and adjectives.