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Materials for Language Stage Beginner

Free Samples

Use single words

Speak using single words

  • Free Go Go Redball

    The student will use single words to the direct the actions of the red ball.

  • Star Wars

    This app features a variety of Star Wars centered activities. It has the latest news about anything Star Wars, a lightsaber augmented reality game, a soundboard, a selfies feature that allows you to take a selfie with your favorite characters and locations. The animated GIF feature lets you save or share from a variety of famous movie sequences. The sequences are arranged into categories that include: anger, confusion, frustration, greetings, happiness, laughter, miscellaneous, romance, sadness, sarcasm, SOS & panic, the force, and thinking. The activities in the app can be used with all ages and future lesson plans will focus on different language stages. This lesson plan focuses on Stage 1- using interjections.

  • Categories with Splingo

    This is app (available on the App Store for $2.99) is fun way to teach categorization! The following categories and subcategories are available: Animals, Vehicles (Land, Air, Sea), Clothing (Warm and Cold weather), Food (Vegetables, Fruit, Sweet), Drinks, Toys, Sports, Musical Instruments, Furniture, and Body Parts. When playing the game you are given various items within two categories to sort and you are to drag the different items to the appropriate category. Within in the settings menu you have the option of turning on and off the different categories and subcategories as well as the option of displaying the category name. Upon categorizing the right amount of items a reward game is unlocked and you can catapult Splingo in an Angry Bird like game.

  • Talking Tom

    The student will use single core vocabulary to activate the app.

  • Sensory Light Box: Cause and Effect

    Light Box was designed for teenagers with autism, complex learning needs and a variety of sensory disabilities. It provides 21 engaging, abstract scenes which encourage exploration of cause and effect.

  • Blue Hat, Green Hat

    The student will direct the actions of another using core vocabulary.

  • Pogg

    Learn to use single words to make requests and direct activities

Direct actions

Speak single words to direct another person’s actions

  • 3D Zoo

    Use this app to help your student learn to use core words to direct actions. They can move the animals across the screen. It even has realistic animals sounds.

  • Toca Boo

    The student will use 2-3 word utterances to direct Bonnie the ghost to scare her family members.

2 – 3 word phrases

Combine two and three words to make phrases

Add more phrases

Increase the number of phrases he or she uses meaningfully

  • Pogg 2

    Learn to speak with two word phrases

Phrases to direct actions

Speak two and three word phrases to direct another person’s actions

  • Balloonimals

    Balloonimals app by IDEO is an interactive app that allows someone to create balloon animals by touching the screen.

  • Fire Truck

    This is a fun and interactive app geared towards children. While playing the app you ride along on a fire truck with the firemen as they drive to put out fires. There is even a Fire copter! Your job is to help the firemen hook up the hoses, put out the fires, and save the day!!

  • Toca's Hair Salon

    The student will practice a variety of core vocabulary phrases while working in a virtual hair salon.

Core Word Starter Set

Core vocabulary refers to the small number of words that make up 70-90% of what we say on a daily basis. These words are relevant across contexts and can have many meanings. The student will learn to use core vocabulary in one and two word utterances.These lessons are part of the Core Word Starter Set. These lessons are perfect to use with a beginning device user or someone that is doing a trial on a device.

  • The Best Spinning Top
    • Play with this interactive top with your kids! Just put your device on a flat surface and tap the top to get it spinning.