Go, Go Redball

Stage One
Direct Actions

Stage One Plans
Direct Actions
Express Negatives


Use single words to the direct the actions of the red ball.


red ball

Help the student say the target words with their device out in the real world throughout the day. If the student is having trouble opening a juice box, have them say “help.” If the child is on the swing, have them say “go” or “stop.”

Ask a question that requires the student to answer using a target word. Try to make it relevant and meaningful.

Watch the  Go, Go Redball on YouTube.  Talk to your student about how to play the game.  

Play "Go Go Red Ball" on the iPad. Using the target vocabulary, direct the student to make the ball "go," "go more," "stop," etc. Model longer phrases such as "red ball go" or "red ball stop."

Play again, but this time ask them to tell you what to do. Ask them to try using two words together to make a phrase like you did in the above activity.


bouncing ball

Read the book Mirabelle and the Bouncy Red Ball by Michael Muller.  Have the student use their device to say the target words as they appear in the story. 

If the student is ready to work on sight words, you can make an enlarged copy of the Smart Chart and make cards. At first show the card with the icons and the words, then show just the target vocabulary word. Ask the student to find the word on the communication device.


usb cable

Make a cable or Bluetooth connection from the device to a computer. Open a Word document. Let the student write target vocabulary words into the Word document.

Print the document. Save a copy and read the words again later.

Write a PowerPoint book with target words on each page. Use digital photos or clip art to illustrate the words.

If you are using WordPower (Saltillo or TouchChat), save the person’s writing using Stories and Scripts within the vocabulary.  Learn more about this feature here



If you are playing a game, teach the person to say “go” or “stop.”

Print out the Spinner Go Go Redball included with this lesson. Construct the spinner. Have the student use the spinner to direct the activity. Once they spin the dial, have them find the word on their device and then move the red ball on the screen.


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Can-Do Cards are fun, motivational activities the entire family can do to help your child improve their communication skills. Most activities will fit nicely into your daily family routines.

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Direct Actions

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Common Core Standards
Below are references to the Common Core Standards organized by grade level and associated with the goals and objectives of this lesson plan. When considering which standards to target in your lessons with students, begin by looking at the standards at your student’s grade level. You may need to refer to that same standard at a lower grade level to adapt your lesson to best meet the needs of your student.