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Six Flags over Georgia

Posted June 27, 2018 in Communicators in Action

By Danny Gonzales, PRC Blogger

Hey bloggers, I want to tell what happened to me at Six Flags Over Georgia. I was told I couldn’t ride due to my disability in case there was an emergency and I can’t evacuate the ride myself. This is BS because I have been to Universal Studios and I was able to ride everything there without questions .

They are breaking the law by telling the disability people you can’t ride the big rides: the only ones you can do are the little kid’s rides. I am not a kid I am 33 years old, I want to do the big rides.


Universal Studios doesn’t have this rule, either Disney World or Dollywood, it is just Six Flags and they are like this rule has been in place for years. I was like stop right there you are wrong no it has not, and you are now lying to me.

We went to the Goliath and Dare Devil Dive: we were about to get on then they stopped us because I couldn’t walk on my own. They have no saying of me and about me and they cannot tell me you cannot ride due to my disability. If I choose to ride that is my right to do so. I know my body they don’t. Another thing I had a problem with was the shuttle trams, they don’t meet the ADA law by having a lift on them but you can’t get on with a power wheelchair, I mean come on! I can’t see how Six Flags is still open with all of the laws that a business has to meet. They should be closed until they meet the laws and until they are accommodating people with disabilities who wants to ride.

This is why I want to go into something with disability law: because of businesses like this makes me really angry because I can’t ride. I mean all we want to do is to have fun like any other person. Yeah, we may need help but that does not mean we can’t have fun! I wish people would understand that. I have to go to another state to ride roller coasters and that is wrong. All they see is the wheelchair and not the person in it. This world where has it come too?


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