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Posted June 13, 2018 in Communicators in Action

By Hank Poore, PRC Blogger

I have a lot of friends who I love. But the one who is dear to me that is not only like a friend to me but who is basically like my “sister ” is my friend named Shanna .


Shanna was one of my babysitters when I was 7, and was my babysitter until I was 12. She didn’t only babysit me, she helped me figure out how to do everything despite my disability. She taught me how to be more independent than I already was. She pushed me (and still is to this day). she definitely didn’t take any of my ” crap”.

She took me on a lot of road trips all of them were awesome and successful except for the one that her car tire blew out on our way to Atlanta for a softball game. She would also take me home with her. We would stay there and go to her grandmothers bakery and we ate tubes of icing.

She went with my family on a lot of our family vacations. She played dodgeball with me on our street. She took me on a lot of hikes around Tuscaloosa . She took me out on her boat that she had at her house. She would pick me up from school and take me to Dippin dots .

One time she woke me up at 5 ( which I hated) in the morning to go to work with her at Dippin dots and fed me ice cream for breakfast . She took me on late night ice cream runs even though I was jumping of the walls after the fact.

She really means the world to me and I honestly think that she made me a better person than I was before I met her.I wish she still lived here but she lives in Atlanta now but I go up and see them a lot .


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