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iPad Cases and Keyguards

Posted November 6, 2013 in Stories and Strategies for Success


Gumdrop are available for iPads 2 & 3 and the mini.

  • many kid-friendly color options
  • rugged, durable
  • no handle, no stand
  • Silver Kite keyguard fits in, but somewhat loosely (looseness doesn’t seem to affect accuracy)
  • Laseredpics keyguard is available for both iPad and iPad mini
  • Gumdrop Case

Kays Case Kidbox

These cases are available on Amazon.

  • available for iPads 2 & 3 and the mini
  • variety of color options
  • seems to be quite durable (this case is very popular at HHC: despite multiple incidents, I havent’ see any iPads destroyed and it got good reviews on Amazon.com
  • Made of lightweight foam
  • Handle/stand is easy to use
  • SilverKite keyguard fit very well
  • LaseredPics makes a keyguard as well
  • Kays Case Kidbox

After 6-9 months, they can get pretty dingy and are quite chewable. Kids that tend to pick at things may end up ripping the home button cover off.

Beat up case


The iGuy case can be found at Speck.

  • For all full-size iPad models
  • Lightweight foam, durable
  • Handles on the sides
  • Color options
  • Stands by itself BUT is very easily knocked over when pressed
  • When it is laid down it slants backwards
  • No keyguard option
  • I do NOT recommend this product.as a part of an AAC solution.
  • iGuy iGuy on table slanting away from user


BigGrips are available for all full-size iPads and for the mini

  • Large foam FRAME (does not cover the back)
  • Carry case and stands are available for an additional cost
  • Many colors
  • Very durable (I played basketball with it at a conference) but we don’t have any at HHC
  • LaseredPics keyguard is available
  • BigGrips frame and stand



  • There are multiple models of the Otterbox - prices vary
  • HHC mass-ordered the Defender series for each classroom’s iPad2
  • Despite multiple incidents, we have had no broken iPads
  • I have been extremely unhappy, however with the durability of the rubber (it seems to come loose)

M-Edge Supershell

M-Edge Supershell

  • Very lightweight (1oz) and durable
  • Lots of colors
  • I think it significantly adds to the profile of the device
  • We had one student use it for a short time and then trade it in for a Kidbox
  • M-Edge

Go Now Case

Go Now Case

  • Built-in speaker and handle
  • No one at HHC uses this case, I saw it at ATIA and was not impressed with the speaker volume.
  • Available for iPad and the mini
  • Looks like metal but is plastic
  • iPad version is nearly 1 lb. and the mini version is 6.5 oz
  • LaseredPics makes a keyguard to fit
  • Go Now

AMDI iAdapter


  • Models to fit iPads 1-4 and mini
  • I’ve only played with them at conferences, no one at HHC has one
  • Priced at $198 -$345
  • Bundles include screen protector, keyboard, colored skins, shoulder strap and table stand
  • LaseredPics keyguards available for all models
  • AMDI


  • Made to fit the Gumdrop by appears a little loose
  • Fits pretty snugly in the KidBox

LaseredPics Keyguard

  • Available for may iPad cases as well as mini cases
  • There is also an option for “no case” and I am not sure what that means
  • Looks like metal but is plastic. There is an option for the large slider hole
  • The website is a bit confusing, so be sure to read very carefully about whether or not the “strap attachment” is needed. I ordered the keyguard for my Gumdrop and after realizing the strap was needed, I called and was sent one for free
  • I find that fittings for the strap attachment do not stay on very well and I have to tighten them regularyly
  • This keyguard is significantly deeper than the SilverKite touchguide. I find that kids who tend to rest their hands on the screen activate the screen through the SK touchguide but not with the LP keyguard.
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