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Kyle Dinwiddie shares his amazing stories every Friday for the AAC Language Lab blog.



Posted August 10, 2018 in Life With Kyle

Being 18, soon to be 19, year old boy with CP has given me the opportunity to come across some interesting adventures in some of the strangest places. In fact you wouldn’t even think that simple day to day events would give me such amazing adventures.

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New and Improved

Posted August 3, 2018 in Life With Kyle

My parents often say” they don’t make things like they used too” and they are right.

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Wait for it........

Posted July 27, 2018 in Life With Kyle

You already know that I went to camp where I gained so much confidence. I was able to do many things that I had never dreamed I could do.

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At the Crossroads

Posted July 20, 2018 in Life With Kyle

Sometimes life can be unfair. Life can throw you face down in front of that finish line you are running towards.

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Camp Away

Posted June 29, 2018 in Life With Kyle

I have had many firsts this year such as graduating from high school; applying and getting accepted to Columbia College; flying on an airplane; surfing on the ocean; and finding DASA, which stands for Disabled Athlete Sports Association.

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The Facts of Life

Posted June 22, 2018 in Life With Kyle

Sometimes life can be disappointing and not work out the way you think it will. It is easy to get frustrated and angry, but feeling sorry for yourself and getting bitter hurts only you in the end.

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Pass the Butter

Posted June 15, 2018 in Life With Kyle

Warning! Warning!

My mom is a shopper.

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Wind & Waves

Posted June 1, 2018 in Life With Kyle

Do you have a dream? Have you always wanted go skydiving or snorkeling? All of us probably dream of doing some exciting things. I have some dreams. One dream is to publish a book. Another is to see the ocean and go surfing.

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Posted May 11, 2018 in Life With Kyle

The day for my triathlon finally arrived, although I didn’t get to train as much as I would have liked. My dad was busy working on his own marathon.

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A Voice

Posted May 4, 2018 in Life With Kyle

Today, I want to tell you about my communication devices and what they mean to me.

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