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Art For All

Posted June 19, 2013 in Communicators in Action

By Sidney Daswick, PRC device user

My name is Sidney. I live in Scottsdale by Chaparral. I am nineteen years old. I liked the fair with Mom. The music was awesome. I drove around plants in my chair. I painted a picture of a dog. I was excited. It was fun!

!Sid and Dwayne laughingALT TEXT

Sid in her powerchair painting the muralSid helps paint the mural.

Sid participated in the Art is Alive Festival in Surprise, AZ. While there she added her painting skills to a community mural created by numerous artists with the help of Zotz Art. A 50’ x20’ mural was painted under the guidance of Dwayne Szot. Sid used her ECO communication device to help design her images.


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