Let’s Talk AAC Blog:

My First Talking Engagement

Posted October 25, 2017 in Communicators in Action

Last Tuesday, I got to go a state conference at Gardendale First Baptist. My mom and Mrs. Hauser went with me and I talked to high school students and their teachers.

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The Secret Weapon for your AAC classroom

Posted October 18, 2017 in Stories and Strategies for Success

Who can believe October is upon us? For those of you lucky folk who work in schools I imagine the last month has been a blur of getting to know your new students (and co-workers!), setting goals for the year ahead and settling into a classroom routine which works for you.

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My Accent 1400

Posted October 11, 2017 in Communicators in Action

In April 2017 I got my new device and my father missed the drop off from Fed Ex so I had to wait until the next day for it! (If it was UPS they would have signed off on it because my dad knows everyone and told them it was ok).

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Back to School with AAC

Posted October 4, 2017 in Stories and Strategies for Success

As we plunge into the beginning of school and get aquainted with our students and their AAC systems it is important that we all quickly get on the “same page” so that families, teachers, and SLPs are working toward common goals.

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