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Adi's World

Posted January 14, 2015 in What's New!

By Jo-Marie, children’s author, Adi’s World book series

Life’s a journey. Live your dreams!


In my imagination all deciduous trees are hollow. Many of them have communities of tiny beings living inside of them. I hope you decide to visit this fantasy world.

Book One: Adi’s World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live inside a tree? Adi and her friends are very tiny beings who live inside a hollow sugar maple tree.

Life is good in Maple Community until a crack opens in one of the upper branches. Imagine having the ground crack open on your school’s playground. If the crack isn’t closed, your whole school could fall out! You are 75 feet above the ground.

The adults decide that they can’t fix the problem right now, so your school building is closed. Classes are spread out in different branches. This is unacceptable to Adi and the other 8th-year students, so they come up with their own solution.

This crack has been sealed for over two decades. Why did it reopen now? Who reopened it?

Can the students solve the problem? Or will their actions make things worse? Is there someone who can help them? Or are they alone?

book coverAdi’s World

Book Two: Living the Secret

Maple Community is a great place to live for Adi, but not for Ayden and Jayden Limb. They want out, so they jump out of the crack in the upper branch.

Suddenly these tiny beings are hanging 75 feet in the air holding onto a rope they made. The wind is stronger than they expected. They can’t reach the nearest branch! Moments later a huge creature decides they look tasty! How can they reach safety? How can they escape a monster that is five times larger than they are?

The world outside Maple Community is not what Ayden and Jayden expected. They encounter many challenges and are faced with dangers they never knew existed. Plus, they learn that a huge secret has been kept from them, from all Maple Basic School students! They learn that there is more than one secret.

Will these twins survive the dangers in this huge outside world? Will they solve the challenges they face? Is there anyone who can help them? Or are they alone in this huge, dangerous world? What happens when the must begin to live the secret?

book coverLiving the Secret

For more information on Adi’s World visit Adi’s World Books The books are also available on WestBowPress and Amazon


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