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A History of AAC Devices

Posted May 16, 2018 in Communicators in Action

By Darryl Porter, Saltillo Blogger

AAC Devices. An augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device is any low-tech or high-tech device that provides a nonverbal means of communication. These range from picture cards to electronic devices that emit spoken words and sentenc

people talking

Imagine you’re a nonverbal person; your world could be difficult. Some families developed their own system for communication. They used pointing, writing, language signs and more. In the 1950’s, some researchers did studies in communication with nonverbal people. They had developed AAC devices; devices which were huge and bulky. They could have been hooked to a wheelchair. The devices had a tiny screen, and a small printer built within it. But it didn’t have any voice. A device’s printer was greatest thing for the world; the printer helped lots of nonverbal people and verbal people, a nonverbal person could give a note to people. It could cut the time. Most people don’t have any patience. That’s bad thing; this is true. AAC devices are evolving like personal computers. Some people who had trials at public schools have disabled students with the communication devices. There were some companies who are familiar companies. I was one of students in the trials. Still I’m an owner of an AAC device. In the 1970’s, some people created their AAC devices companies because their own reasons; some companies developed their apps for their clients. My hero (Stephen Hawking) had one; also he has been on TV shows and ads. It shows the people that nonverbal people have something to say.


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