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Let's Go!

Posted April 24, 2018 in Stories and Strategies for Success

Is it Spring Break yet?! Because I am ready to GO! One of the many ways we used our Core Word of Week “Go” this week.

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MY Race

Posted April 20, 2018 in Life With Kyle

The Stronger Men’s Conference was finally here with some literal lightning and thunder welcoming it. I am not talking about my ear infection either. What is better than starting the day with a caramel corn macchiato at Brew Brothers and a coffee cake muffin of course?

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Posted April 18, 2018 in Stories and Strategies for Success

We were cleaning out a used fish tank my brother had lent my oldest son Knox. Knox wanted to spend his birthday money on two aquatic turtles and begin a new hobby with a freshwater tank.

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Posted April 13, 2018 in Life With Kyle

“Well,” the regretful words came out of my dad’s mouth as he handed me my blue bath sponge, “I think it is time to get a new scrunchie.”

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Big Box of Core-Make Your Own!

Posted April 11, 2018 in Stories and Strategies for Success

Hello Core and AAC lovers! As promised, let’s talk about core word toys so you can make your own big box of core to enhance your AAC Language Lab lesson plan.

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