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Super Special Saturdays

Posted Apr 1, 2020 - 4:19pm

By Mackenzie Sanders, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

Every Saturday I take a dance class with other kids with disabilities .   Each student has a helper.  I have been doing this for 13 years .   Its the best.  We do different dances every week .   We started with 6 dancers.  Now we have 18 dancers.  We do a showcase every June. 

My  favorite showcase dance was last  year. We danced to a song called Make a Wave.  It was my favorite because the song was  about spreading kindness .   I think we should spread a little bit of kindness once in a while .  

This year I'm sad because this is my helpers last year.  We have a special bond . The hardest year I experienced in my dance class was 2017 when one the girls had a serious medical emergency and spent most of the dance year in the hospital. It was scary and we missed her. That year she was to receive her 10 year trophy and couldn"t. With her permission I accepted it for her and delivered it to her in the hospital.

I have another close  friend named Olivia in dance, she lights up my Saturday with her personality .   She also does funny things like break dances on the floor and acts the dances out.  This year we welcomed or first male dance student and he is loving it.

Dance means  to me  a way to convey emotion thorough movement .   In 2009  I went through a rough time in school and dance helped me overcome that rough time.  Hope that you enjoy reading this.  And hope that you keep following me ! Much Addo about Mackenzie .  

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