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New Beginnings

Posted Jun 8, 2020 - 11:00am

By Kyle Dinwiddie, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

It is amazing how you can think that something is all over, and then life can completely switch to a new way of living.  We can choose to change with the times or fight against the changes.

Recently, my life has had a ton of changes. But one of the good changes was that we recently bought a new puppy named Brinley. When we saw her for the first time, the dog wasn’t that into my dad or even me! We tried to pet her, but she walked away.  The owners kept giving us dog treats to bring the shy puppy to us.  Slowly the puppy came to us and I was able to pet her.

My dad wasn’t sure if she was the right choice, but I instantly fell in love with this puppy.  So, we loaded her up in my mom’s van where she quickly pooped and peed. Not the greatest first impression; Especially since I was on the floor next to her. My dad had to pull over and scoop the poop out. When we got home, we first introduced her to our other dog Meg. Meg didn’t know what to think about the puppy. She was mostly jealous of us giving the new puppy any attention. Since then, Brinley has fit right into our family. She does like to jump and scratch on our doors and windows.  She also loves to go in the house and visit. 

One day, our cat, Alfredo, was lying beside my mom when Brinley came into the house. She was coming towards my mom when Alfredo totally went off on Brinley.  He actually lunged at the pup with hissing and smacking.  He chased her out the front door. Alfredo was so upset that he even smacked my dad’s shoe when dad tried to keep our cat from going after Brinley outside. We are hoping she will not chase the chickens and settle in as a new family member. 

With the world in chaos over the pandemic and now other issues, it is good to start something new and fresh.  We are somewhat avoiding the news and focusing on the future in our home.  I am taking summer college classes and enjoying my new pup.  Also, I’m trying to get outside every chance I can, to get some sunshine and fresh air.  Hopefully you can take a step back from all the negativity on the news and find something that makes you smile this week.  This is Life with Kyle and I will talk to you next week

Life with Kyle