My Strength

Posted May 17, 2019 - 4:12pm

By Kyle Dinwiddie,  PRC-Saltillo Blogger

I was asked to go to Tan Tara resort to work with Gretchen Bright at a  Prentke Romich’s booth for the Missouri Speech and Hearing Association’s conference to talk about my communication device. I was so honored and of course, I said YES!  

So early on a Friday morning my parents drove me to the Tan Tara resort.  I have never been there before! The building was huge and had several floors! But finally we reached the right room and Gretchen greeted us.  She showed me our table and introduced me to her friend, Amanda.  But there was no time to talk because there were people coming up to our booth.

I closely watched both Gretchen and Amanda as they talked to people about the devices.  But it was not very long before I had memorized what to say and ask them; like ‘’How long have you known our company?’’ or ‘’How did you hear about us?’’ After a while I began to step up and start greeting people myself. I told them about my Accent 1000 and how it has helped me.

Gretchen was shocked by how many customers I was bringing over to our booth.  I got everyone I met to sign-up for a free give away from the company. Gretchen and Amanda went to take a break and to make a presentation at the conference. Alone for two hours, I continued greeting and telling people about how this communication device has given me a voice and can be a wonderful help to a non-verbal person.  I worked on my knees at that small booth for nine whole hours straight and I loved it! If I could change a thing, I wouldn’t! I came back home with a pride in my heart about this being a great job! That conference made me feel like I matter and I can have a real job of telling people about my wonderful device that God has blessed me with, and how the device can allow people with speech or hearing issues to communicate freely. I want to thank Prentke Romich for my communication device, and Gretchen and Amanda for teaching me how to use it and for being such great examples.

My message for you is that the Lord has given every single one of you a gift or strength.  Whether you play some kind of a musical instrument, cook for your family, pray for others, or just listen and encourage someone; use that gift to bless or share with others in your life.  You never know how far those strengths may take you, or whom you may reach.  This is Life with Kyle and I will talk to you next week.

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