My AAC Journey

Posted May 8, 2019 - 1:54pm

By Carson Covey, Saltillo Ambassador

Hi everyone,

My name is Carson, I'm an ambassador and a new blogger for Saltillo.

A little about myself. I eat, drink and sleep Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

I started AAC when I was four years old. I have used TouchChat on an iPad for the last 8 years. Saltillo's IOS App for an iPad is TouchChat.  I used to use Prentke Romich’s devices before I switched to Apple.

The biggest challenges I had to overcome was getting to know the new system. Before I got TouchChat I had PRC's ECO; let me tell you it's very different. ECO is a HP computer as well as a communication system. I used AAC in school too. I had a one on one paraprofessional and I was very lucky that everyone on may team was invested in my well being which was the KEY to my success in using AAC.

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