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Posted Dec 9, 2015 - 11:45am

By Jacob MacAinsh, student

A couple of weeks ago, Jacob wrote his first blog for the AAC Language Lab. He got a wonderful response from readers and a couple of folks asked him questions. In today’s blog, Jacob responds to the questions.

Thank you for the most awesome notes! Let me tell more about myself.

School is okay. I like math because I know the answers. I like social studies because I like the topics. I like health because we get to go outside sometimes.

My voice is a child with a low pitch. I use my LAMP app to talk. I have been using an AAC device to talk for 10 years.

By myself I like to play Adventure Time Card Wars. With my dad I like to play one board game, Munchkins. I like Minecraft Pocket Edition.

I like writing for my blog.

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