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Hello? Hello? Who is That Talking?

Posted Jun 27, 2022 - 11:17am

By Mindy Thomas, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

Using a communication device can be tricky!  Using it on a phone call takes it to a whole new dimension!   Several factors come into play when making a call with a communication device.  For example, does the person getting the call know that the user talks differently?  Is the call a friendly or business-related conversation? True, personal calls are easier, but are there things that can be done to make professional calls easier and faster?  The quick answer is yes, but with some calls, more preparation may be needed

Although there may be other options, the following suggestions have proven to be helpful to some users.  First, if a device like the Accent 1400 is used, ensure that common phrases are stored in the device.  These can include phone numbers and mailing addresses, but even more advanced messages can be stored to make phone discussions easier.  For example, the message “I’m using a communication device, so please be patient while we talk.  It might take me a few minutes to spell my message.” is a message that could be used more than once during a call if the person didn’t understand the first time, or if the call gets transferred to a different person.   Some other phrases that could be programmed in a device include:

  • If you could call me at your earliest convenience, I would really appreciate it.
  • Thanks, and have a good day, bye.
  • Hi, could I talk to
  • Talk to you soon

Another train of thought that may be useful would is if a call has a specific purpose behind it, consider programing the message before dialing the number.  Let’s say that there was a discrepancy with the phone bill.  With some communication devices, there is a way to type out what is needed to be said, select the text, choose the copy button, then as the phone conversation goes along, the “speak next sentence” could be selected to move the discussion along at a quicker pace! 

            Certainly, talking with a communication device can be challenging, and

using it on a phone call can add a layer of complexity to the mix.  Sadly, there will still be a few hang ups, and some robo calls assumptions.  However, by having some common phrases preprogrammed into the device, or having the main idea of the conversation all ready to be said, maybe just maybe, some people may realize that a person using a communication device truly can do “normal” things such as making phone calls!

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