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Good Thing I Have a Computer

Posted Jun 24, 2020 - 12:55pm

By Lauren Opipari, PRC-Saltillo Blogger

Hi everyone this is Lauren again with another blog. I am keeping busy with texting and using the computer to stay in touch with everyone. I have been attending meetings using Zoom. My best friend, Lauren Y, had a Zoom birthday party. We played Birthday Bingo over the computer and I got to meet her friends on the computer. We also sang “Happy Birthday” to her and watched her blow out her candles on her birthday cake.

I am also attending a Zoom book club with members of Let’s Talk. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday.

When I do not have anyone to talk to, I keep myself busy by watching videos on my phone. Have you heard of Tik Tok? That is the app I use to watch funny videos of dogs and people.

I also stay in touch with my physical therapist Melanie through the computer. I have my appointment with her and she watches me through the computer while she tells me what exercises to do. We are doing everything on the computer for now.

I am glad that I have a computer and that I can stay in touch with everyone through the computer and my phone. If I didn’t have this I think I would be really sad and lonely. I use my Accent for texting on my phone and talking to everybody on the computer. I would be lost without it.

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